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Portfolio of Calgary-based Art Director and Graphic Designer, Kate Prescesky.

What We Carry With Us




The services Distress Centre offers goes beyond just helping sad people in crisis. They lay the foundation for people to live healthier lives. We realized how many people suffer from struggles in their life, yet no one around them is aware. It’s often something people keep to themselves.

Client: Distress Centre Calgary
Copywriter: Shannon King
Photographer: Brent Myktyshyn
Agency: ZGM Marketing

HEADER_ Concept.png
Visitors have the opportunity to explore the contents of 3 different bags. Each one showcases items that tell the story of what that individual was going through before the reached out to Distress Centre for support.
HEADER_ Then.png
Each character's unique struggle is portrayed by the items in their bag. They each face a different type of problem the Distress Centre deals with.
Users can hover over different items and find out what they mean in the context of each person's story.
Bag Contents THEN.png
Next, users can then find out what happened after Distress Centre becomes a part of the story.
HEADER - Now.png
New items are revealed and the meanings of others change. The contents of each bag showcases another chapter for each of the characters.
Bag Contents NOW.png
HEADER - interior.png
HEADER - Look Feel.png
With this annual report, we were given the opportunity to introduce a new look and feel. We wanted it to explore contrasts between light and dark, and feel serious but not depressing. Bright teal accents represent the hope that DCC offers its clients.
style tile.png