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Portfolio of Calgary-based Art Director and Graphic Designer, Kate Prescesky.

Elbow Room




Elbow Room is where simplicity meets innovation. This restaurant in Brittania focuses on local cuisine and wanted their food and their brand to shine. A key feature of this site is the header, which features different menu items depending on time-of-day. The logo, custom geometric pattern and branding reflect the overall aesthetic of the restaurant and represent the intersection of exciting ingredients and new experiences. 

Client: Elbow Room Brittania
Creative Partner: Kristen Thompson

Agency: ZGM Marketing

header - web design.png
The Elbow Room site needed to serve two primary purposes: 1 - share the story of the local cuisine served there, and 2 - encourage the audience to book a table online.
The hero image on the home pages changes based on the day and time to reflect the dish that may interest the user the most in that moment.
header - art direction.png
The photography was done by Roth & Ramburg, who were awesome to work with. This was a unique shoot as I was not only art director, but also food stylist!
header - branding.png
The original branding was developed by Kristen Thompson. We worked together to translate the brand so that it would be most effective online.
We wanted this brand to feel modern and clean, and a little Art-Deco inspired. We wanted a fun, atypical palette, and patterns that reflect the idea of the angular "Elbow" in the logo.
initial branding.png